About Us

Welcome to Kick It Out!

Hello, my name is Karla, I'm glad you want to learn more about this small business. 

     I imagine you're wondering, why Kick it Out? For as we know throughout the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, God teaches us through his Word that Satan is defeated. But he continues to attack us physically, mentally, emotionally, and our families, and in order to counteract all those attacks from the enemy we have to cancel every word, thought, and action of the enemy with the Word of God. That's why it's called Kick It Out, because since it is already on the ground we can kick it with the Word of the Lord.

     The mission of Kick It Out is that every person who wears one of the designs can preach without saying a single word. It is my prayer that every piece found in this store can start conversations that can uplift, restore, and change lives. And that with just the 'outfit' of the day souls can be saved and reach the feet of Christ to expand the Kingdom of God here on earth.